Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pay the Least- Watch Your Mail!

Just a reminder that MLS & Lockboxes key fee invoices will be going out the first week of July. As I am sure everyone knows by now- your lockbox key fees were reduced last year from $25 to $22.50 monthly and your MLS fees were reduced to $45 monthly if you are a lockbox program participant. I am just reminding everyone that if you pay your invoice in July you are entitled to a 10% pre-pay discount. Yes thats right- your MLS fees will be reduced to $40.50 monthly and your lockbox key fees will be reduced to  $20.25. Waiting until August to pay will reduce the discount to 5% and the discount is lost if you pay in September. September 30th is the absolute last day one can pay without suspension of your MLS and Key Service. Just making sure that members realize that in 2008 they paid $75 monthly for MLS & Key fees and in 2009 & 2010 they can pay as little as $60.75 for MLS & Key fees if they use the discounts available.

If paying twice per year is hard for you please consider monthly ACH payments. The ACH payments are not entitled to the additional 10% discount. The sign up is limited due to the bank's ability to process in time so if you miss the registration you will need to wait for the next enrollment cycle. The registration link will be on the MLS Message of the Day as soon as the enrollment period begins. We're In It For You!

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