Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thank you OKCMAR!

This will be the last post from One Woman (AKA former CEO, Dawn Kennedy) as I am transferring this blog to a new owner. Before I head off to the St. Louis Association of REALTORS® I wanted to take a brief moment to express my sincere gratitude to the membership of OKCMAR. From the day I arrived I was greeted with open hearts and deep appreciation. I am a better person, and a much better leader, as a result of my interaction with all of you.

I also wanted to one more time express my unending affection and gratitude to my amazing staff. Thank you all for making me look so very good. Your hard work, loyalty, creativity and work ethic have been the drivers of the national attention OKCMAR and MLSOK has received but more importantly you have driven our member satisfaction rates up to 96% based on our 2012 survey data. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

PS - If you call the MLS help desk and happen to get Bobby as your tech please congratulate this first time poppa on the birth of his beautiful daughter this April.

Friday, August 12, 2011

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Take on Leadership

The following post is the personal opinion of the author and not to be implied as an organizational statement:

For those of you who are unaware, your Assn Exec is pursuing her PHD in what else? Organization Management & Leadership. I have always been so proud of OKCMAR that it is a member-driven organization, not because it is the best form, all three forms are valid models, but because this form allows the individual participant to feel that he/she can make a difference. Yet, I am often asked, "What does member-driven mean?"

A Member- Driven Organization

This type of organization is participative. The  body is the creator of programs, products and services and the body determines how the organization will perform both internally and externally. The leadership seeks to give guidance through a set of directives; typically a strategic plan.  Power is vested in the body. The Assn Exec best suited for this type of organization is one that possesses the skills of negotiation and body mobilization. In the literature I have read for my PHD this type of leader is typically creative, imaginative, relational (fancy word for likes to work with people) and/or charismatic.

A Leadership-Driven Organization

This type of organization is non-participative. The body is viewed as the end-user of products and services. The leadership determines how the organization wil perform both internally and externally. Power is vested in a small group and a strategic plan is developed to produce profit. This is the most common organizational structure and is typical of most US corporations. The Assn Exec best suited for this type of organization is that of the Executive Secretary.  The Assn Exec should possess excellent administration and organizational skills. The type of leader is very rules and procedures driven and typically seeks to maximize profit and in the non-profit world; efficiency.

A Staff-Driven Organization

This type of organization is non-participative. The body is viewed as the end-user of products and services. The staff determines how the organization wil perform both internally and externally. Power is vested in the staff, typically the strategic plan is developed by an entity outside of the organization and the emphasis is on process (or so I am learning in my studies). The Assn Exec best suited for this type of organization is entreprenuerial and strategic. This type of leader is very goal centered and seeks to bring service and value to the body.

All three models have their merits and disadvantages. Maybe I am biased because my grandpa was the very first town chairman of the town I grew up in. He valued democracy highly and with the deference to the body, in my opinion, a member-driven organization most closely mirrors democracy. It has been my greatest honor to serve all of you. The members of OKCMAR are very special in my mind; perhaps because of the spirit of creation of this state. Oklahomans created their state through the land run. Oklahomans found a means to work with the first nation rather than oppress it and we see that today in the excellent relationship the state has with our tribal nations. Oklahomans are rugged- they stand in the face of adversity, not worn down by the constant wind but finely honed by it. Oklahomans, are frankly, pretty amazing and it shows in our organization.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Takes on Leadership

OKCMAR's LT7 (Leadership Tomorrow 7) have committed to learning how to lead a REALTOR® organization and specifically OKCMAR. The focus of the LT7 is really to learn inside and out how OKCMAR functions and to also bring fresh ideas to both existing leadership and staff through a series of monthly activities, meetings and service projects. The LT7 graduates have a further expectation in leadership in that they agree to serve as mentors for the next group of 7. OAR, the state association, has a similar program designed for participation at the state level. The core concept behind LT7, a member idea brought to life by the hard work of many, is to prepare the member for leadership in OKCMAR committees and those interested in Board of Director positions but also to prepare members to lead their cities, school boards, & community groups. LT7 apps for next year will be going out in the upcoming months. If you are interested in this program contact for an application to give to your broker. To learn more about OAR's program visit their site.

The two groups had a wonderful opportunity to meet and network before the important hill visists. LT7 hosted a breakfast for the OAR Leadership Academy where they met our new and wonderful state CEO, Lisa Noon, who hails from the Virginia Association of REALTORS®. We also had frank discussion with our future leaders about the benefits and hardships of being in a leadership position. When I looked around the room at all those REALTORS® giving of their time and their talents I was awe-inspired. These members are just as negatively impacted by the housing crash and current economy as everyone else. But there they were, for all of you, for me, for the homeowners of our state promoting the basic rights of a quality of life- good jobs and a roof over one's head. They were there for that new REALTOR® coming into the business and for the veteran- they were there because in order to make a difference one needs to get involved. It's like the song "The Man in the Mirror" that fundamental societal change starts not with someone else it starts with changing you.

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Time to register for the Spring Conference!

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