Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

I had the pleasure of attending the Prudential award ceremony held in OKC yesterday. This year they had a special award category called Rock Climbers- those who outperformed their prior year. I beamed with pride as so many of our OKCMAR members received the award. We are so fortunate that we have a real estate market that is so stable that members are putting more people in homes and selling more homes than the year before.

One important thing to recognize is that anytime there is a slow down in the economy there is an equal opportunity in the market to gain market share. Millionaires are made in a down market. I challenge all of you to be those rock climbers, those extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. From 2007 to 2010  there are approximately 1000 less REALTORS in OKCMAR leaving a rather large hole for the members who are willing to step in and do those extraordinary things that define  and differentiate themselves in the market.

I was so proud of a particular member, who recieved award after award. I think I know why. This member avails herself of absolutely everything OKCMAR offers. I see her at designation courses, by the way she travels to Texas to take designation courses, I see her at conferences, seminars, classes and of course she is using the OKCMAR social media to help staff and leadership create a better OKCMAR. She uses the MLS tools designed to increase her sales and decrease the time needed to do transactions. She reads the e-blasts.  She understands that OKCMAR is not a barrier to success because of the financial investment involved but CRITICAL to her success and worth every dollar invested.

I have always said you get exactly back from your association what you put in! Congratulations to all the award winners- you are extraordinary people doing extraordinary things!


RealEstateMan1998 said...


Thank you for being a part of our company meeting. Having you there was very important and we're glad you were a part of it and for taking part in some of the discussion. When you do things like that, you are showing that being a member of OKCMAR is important and that you care. Thanks for everything you do and to the OKCMAR staff as well for what they do and keep up the good work.

Dawn M Kennedy said...

Thank you very much!! As a staff member I think we have all embraced the "We're In It For You" philosophy. I just wish I could clone myself so I could be at more functions and more offices more of the time.

sandi said...

It was great having you at the meeeting. Thank you for all your support you give to the membership. I think attitude plays a huge part of success. As a rock climber, I prefer to concentrate on the great fact that we live in OKC where the market is not as bad as so many other places. We are deeply blessed to live here.