Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smile - Snow always melts!

Like most of you, I have been cooped up all weekend at the house. It was nice to have an excuse to sleep late and also nice to spend time with my wife, but after a while you get sick of TV, playing cards, catching up on correspondence, etc. I created my project list, but didn’t really want to start any of them.
So what is a REALTOR to do? I decided to update the Housing Stats that I follow and have been recording since 2001. How pathetic is that you may ask? Actually, after doing it, I smiled a little bit because it gave me the facts and figures of trends in our market.

If you are like me, I get a little ill listening to the talking heads on TV expounding their great knowledge, only to see that they change their speech with each new day. I will not try to sell you any advertising, and I certainly will never consider myself a “know it all”, except to our kids, but the numbers say that we should be very proud of our market. I am quoting the figures from the MLS, so you can all check me out.

When comparing 2009 to 2008, we sold 350 less homes, and approximately $139 million dollars less revenue. Our average sales price slipped approximately $4,700 to $147,515. The good news is that our number of listings on the market actually went down. Our Median price actually went up $608.

Now Pundits will twist these figures every which way to match their talking points, but here is what I have seen over the years. In 2003, everybody had a great year, but our average sales price was $118,123 per house, and the median price was $99,652, and we worked hard.

All this tells me that even though we hear nothing but negative news all the time, our market is yet surviving. Cloudy days are followed by the sun, and the snow will eventually melt. I am just glad I live in Oklahoma!


Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Dave said...

Sorry - i am not a Tweeter. Maybe some day.