Saturday, January 9, 2010

MLS Billing Going Out

MLS Billings are in the mail. Remember that the MLS invoice is not due until March 31st. The billing is sent out repeatedly throughout the quarter for two reasons:

1) To give the MLS Subscriber/User an opportunity to set aside money over the next few months to pay the obligation
2) To give the MLS Subscriber/User an opportunity to use the pre-pay discount and save $$$$$

Remember that if a user pays their MLS fees in January they receive an additional 10% discount (many MLSOK Subscribers take advantage of the automatic 10% discount off MLS Fees & Lockboxes if they use both services from MLSOK-this means your 6 months $300 MLS subscription is already reduced to $270 and $150 Supra Key Fee is already reduced to $135) on top of the bundled product discount. This means the discounted fess of $420 can be reduced by another $42. TOTAL SAVINGS $87!

Don't use the lockbox/Supra key program? There is still the pre-pay discount reducing MLS only fees from $300 to $270.

If the Subscriber/User waits until February to pay they will receive a 5% additional discount.

Not sure what is owed or need to check the brokerage firm balance if one is a broker- use our online payment module! Simply enter in your license # and 4 digit pin and all invoices are available. Also using this module, a subscriber may also download their entire 2009 billing and payment history- very helpful for completing income tax returns. A broker will also see all the balances due of every licensee he/she holds under his brokerage ensuring that his/her business will have uninterrupted services.

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