Wednesday, February 9, 2011


OKAY, I can't help it- you all know I am from Wisconsin! What you may not know is that I lived about 40 minutes west of Green Bay (and many of my family live in Green Bay) so the Packers have a special place in my heart. Please excuse a few moments of sentimentality; my beloved "Grandma Pratz" loved the Packers. Every televised game was an event at Grandma's house, where the whole clan spent most Sundays. My grandma was my biggest fan too; I miss her tremendously. Grandma passed in 1994 (this was a woman who as long as I knew her went to 6am mass every single day except Sundays when she went to the 10:30 service with the family) and I take comfort in that I knew she wanted to go. I remember when the Pack went to and won the Superbowl shortly after her passing and all I remember thinking was, I wish Grandma was alive to see this.

Our Pack went the following year too but lost. All of us Wisconsinites waited and wished and waited and wished for their return and this year, 2011, was a magical year. I look to my Packers' win as a very good omen for the year ahead. If the Pack can go from the very pinnacle and bring it back, that bodes for all of us as well. The Pack won at the end of the century, just as the real estate market started its climb to unbelievable highs. We now understand that our market is returning to an economic "normal" but the Pack gives us hope that "normal" does not have to be ordinary. Here in OKC, we are experiencing a real estate correction and stabilization, but our numbers and the outlook of economic development prove, our normal does not have to be ordinary, our normal at OKC is that of continued growth and a vibrant economy.

Recently, I have been selected to serve on 4 NAR committees. Bart Binning, Mike Cassidy, and Hope White have been selected to serve. The US is taking notice, OKC has something very, very special to offer. As proud as I am of our Packers, I am equally proud of all of you. This is our time, OKC. This is our time to shine and excel, as REALTORS® you have a special mission in ensuring the growth and excellence of our community. I urge all of you to embrace what it is to be a REALTOR®, it isn't just being a professional, it isn't just success, its about espousing the values and aspirations of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, its about homeownership for as many as possible, its about building neighborhoods and through that a great economy and great country.


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