Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Generation Gap?

Recently, I sat in on a meeting where the "grown-ups" complained about the current generation of young adults- mainly the apathy and the sense of entitlement. I remembered thinking of how those same things were said about my generation. I am a teenager of the 70's who did not quite have the political and cultural influence of the 60's youth.

Then the other day I sat in on a meeting with a great group of business women and learned that we were all within a few years of age of each other. Yes, I was the old lady of the group but we won't go there. As I sat in that meeting, I thought these are 4 incredibly hard-working but family focused women. This group is a group of achievers, working relentlessly to make a difference in the communities in which we live and the members of whom we serve. This is not the generation that was tagged as apathetic all those years ago.

Tonight my graduation classmate from high school posted a great video on my Facebook site (by the way we found each other and several other grads through Facebook). She posted it as a love letter to her teenage daughters. It was somewhat an affirmation that the newest generation of young adults were not apathetic or entitled but shared the same values as their parents. Take a moment to watch the video and hopefully be inspired.

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